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A dynamic Duo with a great Business Acumen

Carpet Services Business started in Chicago, IL. In 1976..

>Worked in Chicago until 1985.

Moved the Company to AZ..

                Not knowing a sole.! The base of the business has always been customer service. My first business background was a nursing degree. I left that Field to join my husband in the carpet industry.


             First & foremost Was figuring out each others forte's. Working together & living together requires rigorous teamwork & respect. As any industry there has been great evolution. When starting out Our niche was having the skill of being able to change the color of Carpeting (dyeing). Over the years that has phased out. Keeping up with the times we have had to learn new skill's sets.


               In Today' s industry we excel in color restoration of Carpeting Dye into the solution to bring carpeting back to its original shade. Which blends in worn traffic areas, faded areas from sun expos In the apartment industry many owners have only carpeting in the Bedrooms. So we have to excel in stone, tile, & vinyl care.


                 Addressing the issue of pet urine. We have exceled in this common problem. Saving owners cost of replacement. Repairs for damaged carpeting is done on a regular basis. Again Saving owners cost of replacement due to stains. Carpeting comes in many fabrics & each fabric is treated in different manners. Silk, wool, nylon, polyester, & blends of each fabrics. 


               Cleaning of furniture also involves different treatment depending The fabric. Some can be wet cleaned & need to be dry cleaned.  Leather is a very popular item today in furniture. We can clean it, Condition & seal it. Which adds to the longevity of it. Cleaning up of floods. The importance of treating the problem the bottom up! Dealing with the prevention of mold. Promoting as fast & as efficiently as possible with air movers & dehumidifies Preventing an odor from the area being wet too long.

Continuing education courses are helpful way to learn new skills. I have taken 3 communications classes to keep myself fresh & Remembering how best to handle different situations.

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